Tatiana Tretyakova

As a little girl, I vividly remember my enjoyment when playing with a kaleidoscope and its rainbow of colors and shapes while viewing some of its unusual and magnificent bright slides.
This kaleidoscope game still captures and amazes my senses to this day.
I love abstraction, love to experiment with color. It's like a game to me in which I’m involved and can’t stop... When a color is in harmony with its shape, you can obtain amazing things.
Abstract art allows go beyond reality, to express yourself and your perception of the world.
Everyone always dreams to create something special, unique - even if no one ever admits it. And I am not exception.
For years I work with different medias such as painting, photography...
An experimental journey leads me to use new technologies.
1 year ago I started to use 3D elements for my pictures, like a light sculpture on aluminum. Today you can see a result.
Art is not just a decor in our house. It’s much more… It’s an object that influences on behavior, feeling, thinking… a lifestyle.
My pictures are created to amaze, inspire and rejoice... to give people the good mood and positive energy!


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