Jennifer Myers Kirton


Location: Unknown

Jennifer Myers Kirton has been a practicing artist since she was a young girl. Jennifer is in Who's Who in American Artist and other publications of recognition. She has won multiple awards both locally and internationally. Once called a Master of the pen and ink she loves drawing and draws on what is around her and her imagination to create her illusions on paper. She was raised and lives in Central Florida.


Visual Illusions of Jennifer Myers Kirton

Original ink drawings from the visions and mind and world of jennifer Myers Kirton.

 A Slice of Welcome “ A Slice of Welcome”

Ink and prisma color pencil drawing relating to the old tradition of using a pineapple as a symblo of welcoming a guest.
Perhaps someone is preparing for a special guest with the best lace,fresh cut pineapple, fruit and fresh rose

Orchid in Black “Orchid in Black”

This ink drawing (14 by 17 inches) was drawn from an Orchid plant at the gallery I was sitting at. I frequently carry my art with me so I can draw and then finish from memory at home.

Introducing Art “Introducing Art”

This is a fun drawing in which my art maniquins get to play. They are Big Art and Little Art. In this fun piece Big Art is introducing his younger buddy to some of the inspirations of the past that he was able to inspire.

Clyde on the Trashy side “Clyde on the Trashy side”

Clyde is my seahorse who likes to share his domain. Clyde actually is a combination of several seahorses I have. Clyde gets an attitude when people leave trash in his ocean

Dragonfly and thye Beauty Bush “Dragonfly and thye Beauty Bush”

Upon comming home one day my husband presented me with a dead dragonfly (fo me better than flowers). I have drawn him in several works but alas a dead dragonfly does not last forever. The Beauty Bush is a wild bush that lives near my house

Yes No Maybe “Yes No Maybe”

This ink drawing was done wne my son was trying to ge courage to ask his future father-in-law for the hand of his beloved. The picture was not finished before he married her and by the way before he got permission