Misure Nien

Misure Nien

Location: Taiwan

Misure Nien personal journey in fine art began in 1980, impressionists as having influenced his artistic development.
He uses brushwashing methods of careful observation and direct execution to portray subjects ranging from florals and still life to landscapes and imagination. Every visual field is a new challenge, spiritually and emotionally. He find himself thinking "simplest is truth". The images he paints sometimes reflect nature,music,figures,fascination with a light pattern,but often simply an exciting design.He described as a painter”My goal is to continue growing spiritually and technically so I may interpret and illuminate what I see.“ All of these factors contribute to the emotional feel in a painting. There is a unique relationship between the artist and nature that his intuition.

Personal Profile of the Painter
Member of International Fine-Art Association Japan
Member of Artist Association Japan
Member of SAA overseas membership

The 1st prize in Taipei Fine Art Exhibition in 1993 (watercolor)
The 1st prize in Kaohsiung the 12th & 13th Fine Art Exhibition in 1994 & 1995 (watercolor)
The 1st prize in Taiwan Provincial Employees and Teachers Art Exhibition in 1994 & 1999
The 1st prize in Tainan the 11th Nanying Art Exhibition in 1997(watercolor)
Gold prize in the 52th Taiwan Provincial Fine Art Exhibition in 1997(watercolor)
The 3rd prize International Fine-Art Exhibition Japan in 2002. (watercolor)

Summer in Venice/Oil on canvas The Art Competition the fifth place winner of the “Land & Seascapes” competition.2016

Holiday in Venice / Finalist in the International Artist magazine
Oct/Nov // Issue 111, Seascapes, Rivers & Lakes 2016

Wall outside / Runners-Up Selections for Strokes of Genius 9 in 2016

The home of Mozart / Watercolor and Gouache awarded Honorable Mention in the 2016 Artist’s Magazine All-Media Online Competition.


Creative thinking for happiness & love

Good time is always flash in the pan, we must cherish and seize the moment.

Venice holiday “Venice holiday”

Watercolor pigments on paper 76X54cm

Venice coast “Venice coast”

Moored boat from the shore to past the sea in a beautiful sunny afternoon. St. George Island is the site of one of Venice's most remarkable churches. I have enjoy a romantic holiday in Venice.
Watercolor on paper 76X54cm

Santorini “Santorini”

Watercolor on paper 56X52cm