Linda Wandt

Portrait painter living in Austin, Tx. I came here to go to school, but I stayed for the tacos. I paint people often, but sometimes I also paint honey bees. I'm really into details.


Oil Portraits

I enjoy creating surrealist, heavy on the realist, portraits with a lot of symbolism, but a large part of learning to paint humans is straightforward figure work.

Communication No. 1 “Communication No. 1 ”

12 X 12 in Self Portrait. The original concept involved something entirely different in the throat, but I'll get to it soon.

Trophy “Trophy ”

18 x 24 in, Oil on Panel. I made this painting of Rachel because she really is a pirate.

Microcosm “Microcosm”

20 x 30'' oil on canvas. $2,100 This piece was inspired by the sitter and the gorgeous head dress she created. Life is very choose your own adventure, and we tend to forget it often.

Instinct II “Instinct II ”

16 X 20'' $800 I was painting a lot of bees and a lot of Venus Fly Traps. I started to wonder what would happen in this what if.

Bee VIII (Melina) “Bee VIII (Melina)”

8 x8'', oil on panel $400 I started a series of honey bee portraits in 2014. I'm still going, with 12 behind me. Melina is a sweet one.