Location: India

Art, painting, sculpture these all I can remember since I have gain conscious. My all creative work is imprinted with force and ambivalence as my brush soothes between figuration and abstraction. I create worlds which are both realistic and dreamlike, made up of a balance of perspectives and lines. The dynamism in the colours and harmonies comes from the resonance of oils & acrylic. The primary aim is for the resulting creation to send positive emotions, multiplying the imagination. Because of this, I paint in a calm, serene, joyful state of mind. I sit in front of the canvas or computer and am liberated from malice and outside forces, just letting the brush, mouse and colours flow, guided by an energy which brings out my creativity. For me, all my sincere creativity effort is a state of equilibrium and nourishment, but also a wonderful tool to evoke emotion and to give pleasure to the viewer.
Now I am involve with graphic in motion and animation this skill has given me complete new creative perspective to thinks ideas evolving stage by stage.

S Santan Kumar
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The Moksha

My mythological series

The Moksha "Salvation" “The Moksha "Salvation"”

The mythological series
10 more paintings available in these series

size- W/H- 60"/60"
medium- oil on canvas
signature- santan

The Unification “The Unification”

My mythological series, 10 more paintings available for the show
Size- W/H- 36" / 22"

medium- oil on canvas
signature- santan

The Prayer “The Prayer”

My Prayer
3 more paintings available
size- W/H- 36"/48" (approx)
medium- oil on canvas
signature- santan

The Aristocrat Series “The Aristocrat Series”

7 more paintings available in this series

size- W/H- 30"/40"
medium- oil on canvas
signature- santan