Joann Harper

I love to paint. My inspiration usually come from my imagination . I love the art style of fauvism and especially like the works of Henri Matisse.

I have painted all my life and have been represented by several local galleries. At this moment in time I mostly paint for my own enjoyment in my home studio.

I live in the southern state of Georgia USA. We experience many beautiful sunny days and I find it easy to be in a up lifted mood that reflects in my art work.


Fresh and new

over the last few months these painting have been sparked by my interests in different subjects. I did not stick to a certain theme. I jumped to several different subjects. Like a box of assorted chocolate candy each is different.

blue bow and rainbow cushion “blue bow and rainbow cushion”

Sweet little Yorkie that is so happy with his new bow and cushion. Reflected in his little smile. 16 by 20 canvas original oil framed.

random surpressed thoughts “random surpressed thoughts”

this is a framed collage. I assembled many vintage images I accumulated over time. in some places the paper is thicker giving it a raised texture. The background is painted

Modern bouquet “Modern bouquet”

A little Victorian with its unusual frame. the painting is 9 by 12 framed. with frame area size 16 by 20. original painting in acrylic

Highlander “Highlander ”

28 by 36 motor cyclist exploring Scotland and his roots around Sutherland.

Bird Love “Bird Love”

In the vein of Art Deco and bright colors this 16 by 20 original oil framed.

Golden Girls “Golden Girls”

36 by 29 painting of girls in bathing attire in 1925. They were so modest and so old fashioned.

hi-fi pup “hi-fi pup”

12 by 14 framed acrylic on paper. His sad eyes show a sweetness and a loyal heart.

The joker is wild “The joker is wild”

Just for the fun of it all. painted on wood in acrylic 29 by 12. Colors and the theme of fun and laughter.