John Quinn

John Quinn

Location: Canada

I've been an artist all my life. I had some modest success as a painter, but moved to design and functional art production working in a wide range of materials. I now find myself with thirty years experience in selling art objects directly to the public, predominantly at the Saltspring Island market where you can still find me every Saturday.

Currently I make vases from stone. Not just bored rocks, the vases I make are truly unique, not only in the sense that each is distinct, but also because I personally developed the production system and innovative methods.

I have recently completed a detailed and illustrated description of my methods, including step by step instructions for making vases using natural stone and gemstones.

I am interested in hearing from creative individuals who are attracted to working with natural stone and gemstones and can see the potential of my designs and methods.

More details can be found on my business opportunity page of my website.


Natural Stone Vases with Semi-precious Gemstones

My design incorporates elements of stone masonry, mosaic and lapidary skills. It allows for and exploits the natural features and variations of stone and minerals. The result is always a unique item that reflects the character of the materials.

Natural stone is a great visual compliment to blooms and foliage and its weight supports the most ambitious of displays without risk of tipping over. The vases are watertight (don’t leak) and waterproof (are not damaged by getting wet). Durability is also excellent. While they are not completely unbreakable, they are considerably less fragile than a ceramic or glass vase and can usually be repaired if dropped and broken.

People interested in learning my process should check out the business opportunity pages of my website: where I offer the opportunity to learn my innovative methods using step by step illustrated instructions.

Stone Vase accented with Amethyst Crystals “Stone Vase accented with Amethyst Crystals”

My vases are not glass or ceramic. They are constructed from natural stone, bonded with fortified masonry. Each vase has one very decorative face showing exposed aggregates or semi precious minerals and gems. The other sides are solid rock.

I saw, split and break the stone to achieve the desired shape of the vase, leaving attractive, natural looking broken edges. Every vase has my initials etched into the stone. Each has a glass core to ensure that it is completely watertight and will not seep any moisture. Cork pads are added to the base to protect furniture.

Natural stone is pleasing to the eye, great compliment to blooms and foliage and heavy enough to support sizable floral displays.

This particular vase is 18 inches tall and weighs around 20lbs. It is constructed from stone quarried on Vancouver Island, B.C. and is accented with Amethyst crystals from Brazil.