Deepak's works have often been described as eccentric, evocative and intriguing. With his mastery over illustration, human anatomy and a thorough understanding of the ‘peculiar’, Deepak manages to combine the surreal with the very real emotions that need some ‘reading between the lines’. His canvas is a departure from the predictable, a story waiting to be told.


House of Gods

The whole is bigger than the sum of its parts. This series by Deepak is one of his finest expressions till date. The figures being strung down descend from the heavenly ‘golden’ gates into the labyrinth of harsh reality, the complex unexpected twists, and turns- the story of every human life. The descent into the abyss is nothing but the beginning of the end which in itself is a new beginning. But it doesn’t stop at that…the painting dares to question the ultimate elusive truth: Is it all in our hands or is it all fate, predetermined and preordained? Are we just puppets being manipulated by a mystical Master Puppeteer?

House of Gods_01 “House of Gods_01”

Is man the one with the reins in his hand or is he the one being manipulated?