Eileen Seitz

Since the age of 13 years Eileen Seitz is a fulltime award winning self published professional artist, nationally and internationally recognized and collected. She is a painter of life using Color and Detail integrating her personal travels with watercolor on paper and Oils on canvas. Architecture, tropical landscapes, Flowers. Plants, animals, people, underwater life. Whatever speaks to her that she finds exciting and inspiring she will stop to paint. She paints from her direct personal world travels. Always listening from within revealing the Spirit of life to share with the viewer these feelings of joy, gratitude and peace through her paintings.


Natures Best

Original tropical watercolor of local fauna and flora

Natures Best “Natures Best”

18" x 24" original watercolor

Natures Best Framed “Natures Best Framed”

all archivally framed with uv protection glass

Coco Pango “Coco Pango”

When I was in Huatolco Mexico i saw this scene at the docks. I immediately had an inspired flash and sat down and drew it.
Orignal 18" x 24" watercolor

Sitting by the Sea “Sitting by the Sea”

22" X 30" original watercolor Heliconias heliconias blooming and more blooming... sitting by the sea watching the waves roll in

2 Dolphins on the Go “2 Dolphins on the Go”

Three dolphins swim with a parrot fish
8' x 10" watercolor

Fishing Boat House “Fishing Boat House”

Original 12" x 20" watercolor. A typical tropical caribbean village on the coast

3 Day Sailers “3 Day Sailers”

Three Day Sailers cruzing on the turquoise waters. are they racing or just having fun.

Coral Gable Celebration “Coral Gable Celebration”

5 landmarks of Coral Gables Florida all composed on one 22" x 30" watercolor.

A Locals Market “A Locals Market”

Inspired by the Afternoon at a "Locals Market" in Acapulco Mexico

Healing Waters “Healing Waters”

Off the Shores of "Fakarava French Polynesia" i was swimming in these healing waters.. On this tropical atoll paradise

Peace and Tranquility

peace and tranquility is what I feel by the plants and flowers in my garden by the sea

Peace and Tranquility “Peace and Tranquility”

36" x 48" original oil on canvas painting

Mayan Market “Mayan Market”

Market places in Merida and Mexico City inspired this 36" x 44" oil painting

Summers Song “Summers Song ”

30" x 48" original Oil on Canvas after a visit to paint oil paintings for the park "XCARET' in Yucatan Mexico