Ellie Ecdysis

I'm an international tattoo designer, freelance illustrator, body artist and i just completed my Masters Degree in illustration. I'm based in South Wales and have a fascination for life and nature. I've grown up loving the outdoors, being around animals, reading fairy tales and watching fantasy movies so I suppose my fascination started there and expanded as I got older.
Ever since I was younger I have had a passion for artwork and drawing but it wasn't until I got older that I become fascinated with tattoos. It was then that I decided that was what I wanted to do with my life. I enrolled in university to enable me to push my artwork to create the best kind of artwork that I could so that I could be the best kind of tattoo artist, Illustrator and designer that I could be.
All of my artwork is done traditionally mainly using pencils and creating detail in fine liner pens. I prefer working in black and white with splashes of color but I also love working with Prisma colored pencils as I love how the color seems to really stand out.
My inspiration tends to comes from the things I love in life and nature. My main inspiration other than my close family is my reptiles. I adore them! Which is why the name of my art business had to include something to do with them. I love experimenting with combining things that wouldn't normally go together in order to create an image that is different and has a new and more personalized meaning. I use this quite a bit in my work and when designing customized tattoos for my clients.
Over the last two years I have worked in 3D. Both building on artwork to make it 3D and also putting artwork onto 3D objects. I would love to be able to create artwork that could be used to help the conservation of animals, both endangered and not.
Currently I work for Custom Tattoo Designs - a tattoo design company based in Canada. Both creating tattoo designs for clients one to one and creating designs for their temporary tattoo website. I love meeting new people and working with clients to create custom and personal artwork for people to get tattooed just as much as I love tattooing them!