Fiona Hooper

Fiona Hooper is a representational artist who works predominantly in oils, and has two distinctly different styles of painting. On the one hand are the portraits which aim to capture the individual character and energy of the person or animal in question, and on the other are the still life subjects and landscapes portrayed in her distinctive and contemporary style.

A recent series of portraits of musical stars from the silver screen includes such favourites as Marilyn Monroe, David Bowie, Audrey Hepburn, Julie Andrews, Nat King Cole and Fred Astaire.

When starting on a new still life or landscape painting, Fiona looks for a subject that grabs her attention in some special way, whether it’s an unusual light effect, an interesting set of shapes, or just seeing the potential in objects or places that are often taken for granted. Whether it’s a landscape or a still life, Fiona prefers to paint directly from the subject wherever possible.

Whatever the subject her favourite medium is oils, which she likes for their versatility, the sensuous nature of the paint, and even the smell. Fiona generally uses brushes for portrait work, but enjoys using knives for the still life paintings and increasingly also for landscapes.

Fiona is a well known portrait artist, having completed many commissions of both animals and people.

She recently completed a commissioned painting which will be the poster for a new film that is scheduled for release in 2017, and is the Artist in Residence at The Musical Museum, Kew Bridge, where she has had two solo exhibitions. Fiona’s work has won wide and critical acclaim and can be found in collections both in the UK and internationally, including the USA, France and Switzerland.


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