Sarah Lee Gossett Parrish

I have always been a creative soul. I’m a pianist, cellist, writer, photographer. I have written all my life, and it is a relief to not have to put into words what I capture on film, or digitally, now. Inherent in this is the fact that my work defies second-guessing and judgments, unlike writing fiction or, in my life as a lawyer, a contract, a motion, a brief. There is a blissful absence of such components in my photographic work, and I appreciate and cherish this fact.

I hope my photography goes beyond the range of words, that it speaks to the soul, evokes emotions, offers moments of escape from the mundane, the daily stress, worry, and anxiety that are so prevalent in our society today.

I am really enjoying my Flower Series. Henri Matisse said, “There are always flowers for those who want to see them.” I always want to see the flowers. And I want to help you see them, too. Please contact me for prints, limited editions, collaborations, commissions, or more information.

Sarah Lee Gossett Parrish




I shot this lovely rose while in Napa in May. Napa roses are amazing!


Calla lilies signify magnificence and beauty!


Blue is my favorite color. I shot these past-their-prime orchids at my law office one afternoon....


This white rose bloomed on my personal rose bush, MOONDANCE, in the spring of 2016. I love how it glistens in the dew of the morning.


This image is one of my signature pieces, and one of my favorites of all time....


Growing up in Ft. Worth, Texas, the large magnolia tree in our front yard became my favorite of all, its branches perfect for climbing, its blooms fragrant and fully capable of hiding my small frame when I wanted to be alone with myself.


The hibiscus is another of my favs, and this one, in the denouement of its life, epitomizes how I feel after a jury trial or completion of an appellate brief, or, perhaps, lunch with a particularly difficult family member! Hahah!


Sometimes, black and white is a lovely "color".


Crown of thorns...need I say more?


Another one of my personal flowers, I discovered this Lenten Rose at a local nursery and had to take her home with me! I had never seen one! And how perfect that it was during the season of Lent.


I think this is such an unusual flower!


I love how the light and shadows play with this orchid, gliding effortlessly over it!


This flower reminds me of an explosion of green energy, like that character from my childhood, the Incredible Hulk!


These tulip leaves caught my eye. Wonder what it would feel like to be enveloped by tulips?


Growing up, azaleas peppered our flower beds in Ft. Worth, and I still love them and tend them in my flower beds today. One of my bucket list trips is to witness and photograph the magnificent throng of azaleas at the famed Amen Corner, during The Masters. "Amen Corner" was so christened after the 1958 Masters, where Arnold Palmer won his first major championship with the assistance of a ruling that is still challenged. Holes 11, 12, and 13 were first called "Amen Corner" in a Sports Illustrated article penned by Herbert Warren Wind, because of the amazing way Palmer played the holes on the final day of that 1958 tournament.