Jason Humphrey

I grew up in the culturally diverse city of Los Angeles California in the 80's. I spent my teenage years spraying graffiti across the city with the WRONG crowd, and my mother saved my life by making me join the Navy at age 17. I was fortunate to travel the world at an early age, and all these years later, I find my artwork being influenced by those travels.

I love working in pen and ink pointillism, creating works of art primarily with dots. I am inspired by tattoo art, the 70's and 80's, nature, Japan, and different cultures. Art is not a choice for me, it is a necessity. It is the most sincere form of release, and I am simply aligning with my destiny when I am creating.

I currently reside in La Mesa, CA


Stipple and mixed Media

Urban pen and ink stipple with mixed media colors, and collage elements for depth.