Anne Swan Moore

Early life was filled with music since I was from a musically inclined family. Barely into my 20s, I turned to painting and knew that would be my life's creative endeavor. My first classes were at the McNay Art Institute in San Antonio, Texas, followed by classes with other private instructors to learn specific skills. Eventually I attended the University of Houston to finish my Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in painting, where I was most influenced by John Alexander, James Surles and British pop artist Derek Boshier.

Still lifes, landscapes, arroyos, wetlands, contemporary interpretation of fruit, flowers, and the occasional namesake swan have all been subjects through the years motivated by musical energy and color. When painting, it is important for the objects to be close at hand to be able to explore the lines and variations of color and shape.

If one visits my space it is realized that the bunches of not only living flowers or fruit, but vases of dried ones have a purpose. My intent is to capture the beauty of nature during the entire life process.


In My Garden

In My Garden I
oil on canvas 24"h x 24"w

In My Garden I “In My Garden I”

oil on canvas 24" x 24"

In My Garden II “In My Garden II”

oil on canvas 4' x 4'

In My Garden III “In My Garden III”

oil on wood panel 20" x 20"

In My Garden IV “In My Garden IV”

oil on canvas 20" x 20"

In My Garden V “In My Garden V”

oil on canvas 30" x 36"

In My Garden X “In My Garden X”

oil on canvas 20" x 16"
Part of my series of painting local flowers.

In My Garden XI “In My Garden XI”

a diptych each panel is 45"h x 15"w
oil on canvas

In My Garden VII “In My Garden VII”

oil on canvas
12"h x 12"w

The Earth Around Me

"In My Garden". oil o. canvas. 50"h x 60"w

I love having the luxury of the abundance of the flowers which grow around us through out the year and love playing with the juxtaposition of their shapes and colors to each other.

The Earth Around Me I “The Earth Around Me I”

oil on canvas
50"h x 60"w


Spring Pride II “Spring Pride II”

oil on canvas
30"h x 30"w

Spring Pride III “Spring Pride III”

oil on canvas
40"h x 40"w

Trumpet Angel I “Trumpet Angel I”

oil on canvas
30"h x 30"w

Arroyo I “Arroyo I”

oil on canva
24"h x 18"w

Cactus I “Cactus I”

oil on canvas
30"h x 48"w

Cactus III “Cactus III”

oil on canvas
24"h x 24"w