Valeriya Lakrisenko

Valeriya Lakrisenko


My name is Valeria Lakrisenko. I am a professional painter and have been painting for more than 10 years. I graduated from Saint-Petersburg Academy of Arts, Department of Paintings, V. Pesikov's workshop and B. Ioganson St. Petersburg State Academy Art Lyceum.

I was raised by strong classical art school and my education gave me indispensable experience and diverse set of skills, including solid drawing technique and anatomy knowledge. I've tried different styles and materials on my way of forming of my own style. Now I'm enjoying next, independent stage of my life as an artist with all my skills helping me to bring to life all my ideas, refine my own artistic style. I'm happy to be able to dedicate my life to art. I put my heart and soul into my artworks, and I am honored that many of my artworks have been noticed.

My drawings and paintings were repeatedly included in the annual exhibition of the best artistic works of Saint-Petersburg Academy of Arts. I was rewarded for great achievements in education and have the honor of having had many of works, considered to have been of exceptional quality, selected for the academys own collection. Many of my art works are in private collections, museums and have won prizes in international competitions.

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Oil on canvas

Tchaikovsky, “Tchaikovsky, ”

oil on canvas, 85x65cm

Black Velvet “Black Velvet”

oil on canvas, 150x115cm

Violoncellist “Violoncellist”

oil on canvas, 85x65cm

Fugue “Fugue”

oil on canvas, 155x122cm

Ksenia “Ksenia”

oil on canvas, 150x65cm

Martha “Martha”

oil on canvas, 80x150cm

Iris “Iris”

oil on canvas, 50x80cm

In white “In white”

oil on canvas, 120x80cm

Igreja dos Clerigos “Igreja dos Clerigos”

oil on canvas, 68x47cm

Roma “Roma”

oil on canvas, 58x63cm

Igreja de Sao Domingos “Igreja de Sao Domingos”

oil on canvas, 44x31cm

Jeronimos Monastery “Jeronimos Monastery”

oil on canvas, 47x80cm

 Piazza in Firenze “ Piazza in Firenze”

oil on canvas, 40x65cm,1100$

San Lorenzo “San Lorenzo”

oil on canvas, 41x58cm

Florance street “Florance street”

oil on canvas, 45x80cm

Morning “Morning”

oil on canvas, 36x74cm