Jean Ross

I live and paint in beautiful Cornwall in the UK. I have exhibited the length and breadth of the UK and also in northern France. I have received many awards for my work which is mainly portraiture. I am an advanced skills teacher in art and love to share my passion for all sorts of different media.


Children on the Beach

I love to paint children playing on the glorious beaches here in Cornwall. I can even be found sketching on the beach in winter; no mean feat with the British weather!!

A Book at the Beach “A Book at the Beach”

oil on canvas. This young girl was sitting by a rock pool engrossed in her book. Without disturbing her, after seeking permission from her parents, I had plenty of time to do several sketches to take back to the studio.

Contemplation “Contemplation”

Sketching at St Ives, the artists' haven in Cornwall, I found this girl playing around the beached boats. Then,amidst all the hustle and bustle, she stopped and looked back in contemplation.

Shadow Play “Shadow Play”

Watercolour One of the things I love about sketching children is capturing their curiosity. This little girl was fascinated by her shadow on the sand.

Shore Breaker “Shore Breaker”

Oil on canvas. One of a pair of paintings.

The Ripple Effect “The Ripple Effect”

oil on canvas. One of a pair. This painting shows a young boy making ripples in a rock pool.

Making Sandpies “Making Sandpies”

oil on canvas. These girls spent about an hour making the most wonderful sand pies and gave me plenty of material to take back to the studio. The first painting I did from this day on the beach sold immediately and now lives in Scandinavia.

Rock Pool Heaven “Rock Pool Heaven”

Original oil painting of two little girls on a typically cool summer's day, basking in the warmth of a sheltered rockpool.

Pat it Down “Pat it Down”

oil pastel 16"x23"

Animal Portraits

Painting animals is one of my painting passions. I exhibit my animal paintings far and wide; some people even call me the cat lady!

Curly Whiskers “Curly Whiskers”

Watercolour What a lot of self control went into this painting! I was so desperate to paint those very curly whiskers but had to wait until the end.

Peppa's Pantry “Peppa's Pantry”

Acrylic on canvas A4 size. This painting is of a dog from a dog food shop called Peppa's Pantry. He sits in there all day welcoming customers to his domain!

Sna Oula “Sna Oula”

Acrylic on canvas A3 size. When I lived in The Shetland Islands, 220 miles north of Aberdeen in Scotland, I fell in love with snowy owls. They bred there once but sadly no more. This painting is of a snowy owl flying over Shetland through the snow

Poppet “Poppet”

Watercolour. How could I resist painting this beautiful little dog? He showed such intelligence in that look.

Tortoiseshell “Tortoiseshell”

Acrylic. My aim with this cat was to get the eyes just right.

After the Walk “After the Walk”

watercolour. Some dogs just never look so tidy when they come back from their walk!!! I prefer them that way especially for painting.

Polly “Polly”

Pastel on Canson paper. A gorgeous old dog; just right for a soft pastel effect.

Barn Owl “Barn Owl”

Watercolour A3 size I love to paint the subtle colours in the barn owl.

Pigs in Clover “Pigs in Clover”

Mixed Media Pigs are one of my favourite animals to sketch and paint. I'm fortunate enough to live close to farms with very understanding farmers who allow me to work near the animals.

Goosey “Goosey”

oil on canvas. One of the amazing animals at a farm down the lane from our house.

Young Calf “Young Calf”

Acrylic on canvas Calves are so curious;they're a delight to paint!

Raining Again! “Raining Again!”

Acrylic on canvas This grumpy cat was looking through the window watching the rain stream down the glass.