Joe Cooper

My name is Joe and I qualified at Master Degree level in Visual Communication (Graphic Design) at the University of Derby. I have a real passion for design and enjoy gathering inspiration everywhere I go to influence the projects I work on.

ToonGrafix started back in college and has grown to be a small but steady source of income. It is a vector based, digital illustration service whereby I use individually picked out images of your car by you and turn them into art. For years now I have seen others which offer a similar service but the difference with the designs I create is that I want to keep a realistic element to the finished product. In other words, keeping to the cartoonist style but include much more detail to really make the car pop.

Through this artist profile, I want to display exactly what I am talking about. This seems like a fantastic platform in which to achieve this and I can't wait for you to see what I do and follow a journey of development along the way.



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