Josh Mccausland

Josh McCausland’s work approaches visual reality from its own unique angle.

As both a videographer and graphic designer, Josh is comfortable reconciling the real with the imagined, and it shows in what he creates. His work is refreshing, and exhibits a cleanliness that is never too removed from humanity.

Healing plays a large part in creation for Josh as “an outward expression for internal struggles.” Art is his way of continuing to exist “as a child in the living room sketching on floor, with no restrictions and no worries.”

It is this feeling of freedom that Josh’s work truly captures, allowing everyone who interacts with it a much-needed moment of peace in its simple beauty and effortless elegance.

In his pursuits, Josh has completed a BFA at Cumberland University with a major in Entertainment Design and a minor in film studies. He developed his own film company, iQ Flicks during college and now maintains his small business while working full-time for The Vincit Group as Lead Videographer and de facto design expert.


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