Paolo Colognesi

Paolo Colognesi

Location: Italy

A Bologna native, Paolo Colognesi has been interested in arts since he was a teenager. After graduating from the graphic designer school Scuola di design IED Florence Campus, Mr. Colognesi has worked in social issues advertising, public awareness campaigns, and environmental protection advertising together with Davide Sassetti and other professional photographers.

At 36, Mr. Colognesi developed an interest in antique furniture restoration, which lead him to work for the social cooperative Martin Pescatore Onlus

In 2017, Paolo Colognesi went back to painting and participated in the collective exhibit Outsider Art, organized by the Libera Università di Alcatraz in Santa Cristina di Gubbio (PG).

In the same year, Mr. Colognesi organized also the collective exhibit Brut Art in his hometown in the county of Bologna, Monte San Pietro, in order to promote local cultural events.

Paolo Colognesi arts feature a characteristic simplicity of lines and forms together with elegant and gentle colors.