Benoît Tremblay

Benoît Tremblay

Location: Canada

Multidisciplinary artist Bent was born in Montreal’s Southwest Borough in 1975. An autodidact, he never studied art in an institution and he happily sees himself as an anti-academic artist. His influences are as wide as a 1000 colors you might place on a palette at the same time. From Pollock to Basquiat, via Asger Jorn, Jacqueline De Jong, Jeppesen Victor Martin or Gil Joseph Wolman, the painter Bent is tries his best to create visual reflections that can disturb life. Since 2004, he has had over 10 solo exhibitions and participated in 7 group art shows. He loves to travel and he sometimes creates work abroad that he finishes in the comfort of his workshop in his garage in Montreal.



These pieces were made in 2017