Henrik Saar

Henrik Saar


While Henrik Saar was only a boy and later on a young man, his father was a practicing
architect with his own company. It was Obvious that Henrik Saar should study architecture
with the purpose to continue the company: ”Drawing office of Saar”, but during 7 years in
the company doing practice and copying the drawings of the architects, it also became
pretty obvious, that architecture only had his attention in the drawings and not in the
buildings. So he refused to study architecture, and every time he tried to do something
reasonable, he ended up with his drawings and happy melancholy loneliness. Until one
lucky night 20 years ago, he woke up after a dream with a conviction that without doubt
told him to leave everything behind in order to realize his inner passion for the art. And so
he did, and has been 100% artist ever since with all pain and all satisfaction it gives.
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International Masters 2011: curated by Despina Tunberg, USA
International master 2010: Curated by Jojo Marengo, World Art Foundation USA
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101 Danish Artists 2009: Curated by Tom Joergensen, " " "
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Who is who in visual art 2006 - 2007: Curated by Ulrich Goethe Himmelblau, Germany


Art of life

The paintings of Henrik Saar belongs to the international masterclass. His style is figurative with influence from the classic Italian art, but his expression is truly his own. He has got an unique spirit that frames each artwork with something mystical, although it always is related to life itself.