Elvira Panno

Elvira Panno

Location: Italy

I was born in Taranto on July 28th 1987, I attended the F. Casorati of Novara artistic high school, graduated from the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan.
I paint making myself totally involved by my senses that are transformed into traits and shapes in movement.
I seek unity between matter, space and color; forms that return in a vortex and seek infinity.


different feel

The concept behind my work is self-analysis.
My thoughts towards the world, towards today's society, me and the world, how I live it.
At other times they are analyzes and observations of what I see and assimilate. Restless images that I have to bring out. Art is a kind of cure for me, I feel free and serene when I express myself. It is something that goes beyond creating an image of a concept, it is something indispensable.
art is a cure for me


different feel “different feel”

96.5x70.5 cm. 3D pen and resin on wood.