Chloe Trujillo

Raised in Paris by fashion designer parents and an Opera singer grandfather, Chloe Trujillo grew up surrounded by music, beauty, art and design. Fascinated by science however, she took a different path studying matter structure and quantum mechanics at university. Yet the spirit of art remained, and this spirit called her back.

She has since enjoyed success as a fine artist, designer and musician. Chloe creates her complex, layered, deeply saturated artwork with joy and spontaneity. By allowing the text, symbols, colors and composition to flow through her and onto the canvas, she releases herself from preconceived notions and taps into pure creativity. Inspired by the vast range of human experience along with a deep connection to the spiritual realm, Chloe connects with her audience through the beauty of her visions, the intensity of her soulful emotions and sincerity of her intention. She knows that creating something with passion and purpose infuses it with that energy. She balances her time between art, music and fashion, infusing each piece and project with the love and excitement she feels whilst creating. Her creations have been exhibited in group and solo exhibitions in Paris, Los Angeles, New York City, Vancouver, Berlin and San Francisco.

Chloe lives in Los Angeles with her husband, Metallica bassist Robert Trujillo, and their two children. Her goal is to inspire, awaken, touch and uplift others with her work.


Alchemical Artworks

Like a dream filled with Metaphors, symbols, images that seem to have no connection with one another at first sight, but reveal meaning in everything when one actually takes time to sit there and look deeper....