Catia Tollapi

Catia Tollapi

Location: Italy

Born in Grosseto (Tuscany )in 1964 she has always followed her love for art and disegn, first as self-taugh and then under the guindance of various teachers to refine her technique and expressive abilities. Her elective theme is centered on the female figure, represented in her essenze and infinite shades.


My works

A tast of my works. Various techniques, various supports, use of materials and everything the imagination suggests to me.

Oblivion water “Oblivion water”

Various materials on canvas ( oil, clay, mortar, hot glue). 60×80. Year 2012.

Vanity “Vanity”

Oil on canvas. 50×70. Year 2011

Tribute to love “Tribute to love”

Oil on canvas. 60×80. Year 2012
(This painting is part of a private collection.)

The Wind and the silence “The Wind and the silence”

Various materials on canvas (oil, clay, sand and polyurethane foam). 60×80. Year 2012

To The Mother Goddess “To The Mother Goddess”

Various materials on canvas (oil, paper, bark, plastic) 60×80. Year 2013

Sensuality “Sensuality”

Pencil on paper 30×40. Year 2003

You are mine “You are mine”

Pencil on paper. 30×40. Year 2004

Naiad “Naiad”

Pencil on paper. 30×40. Year 2003

Burn me! “Burn me!”

Various materials on canvas. 40×50. Year 2009