Gianfranco Pacini

Gianfranco Pacini

Location: Italy

"The stick used to stir the color is already painting "

This is my manifesto and the key to interpreting my works.
This stick is a metaphor for the human story, a poor man, in its simplicity imbued with color, imbued with the Divine. Stick and instrument for all this, put before, called to peaceful coexistence in harmony with his neighbor and the world.

"se lo scopo è creare con forme e colori un'insieme armonico,perchè usare scuse complicate come ritratti,nature morte ecc.anche LO STECCO USATO PER RUMARE IL COLORE è già PITTURA


the stick used to stir the color is already painting

Composition made with the sticks used to stir the color.
This is my language.


Venice at dawn “Venice at dawn”

painted engraving. 35cm x 25cm

Venice “Venice”

Sticks glued to a picture. 30cm x 40cm

Sunset colors “Sunset colors”

Sticks glued to a picture. 12cm x 18cm

Migration of thoughts at twilight “Migration of thoughts at twilight”

sticks glued to a picture. 14cm x 29cm

The Ideal Constitution “The Ideal Constitution”

Acrylic on wood. 30cm x 40cm

Tribute to Mondrian “Tribute to Mondrian”

Painted engraving. 25cm x 30cm

Sunset colors “Sunset colors”

Stick glued to a picture. 50cm x 70cm