Josh Lehrer

Josh's photographs have appeared all over New York in galleries and exhibitions, as well as on billboards and in subway stations. Whether it is the chaos of homelessness, celebrity, propulsive success or projected sentiment; capturing the individual, their unique survival strengths and the sudden discovery of calm in the center of personal storms drives Josh's portraiture.

His clients are indie films, business leaders, Broadway blockbusters, screen stars and large commercial enterprises.

With an eye toward social justice, Josh created the series, Becoming Visible, focused on New York City's fastest growing homeless population, transgender teenagers. In 2010, the first of these images premiered at the Robert Miller Gallery and have since appeared in galleries and museums all over the world. The series garnered the 2010 Photo Philanthropy award and was a centerpiece of the inaugural PhotoVille, now an annual photo event on the Brooklyn waterfront.

Josh lives and works on the Upper West Side of Manhattan and is a graduate of Boston University's School for the Arts and The International Center of Photography.

1963 Born in Boston
1981- 1985 Boston University School for the Arts
1987 Venice Biennale - The King Stag, Andrei Serban, Director
1988 Paris Festival D'Autumne - Alcestis, Robert Wilson, director
1989 The Nederlander Organization, NYC
1991 Pace Theatrical, NYC
1995 Atlantic Theatre Company, Executive Director, NYC
1998 The Showtime Network, Director of Still Photography
2005 The International Center of Photography
Currently lives and works in New York City
Photography Exhibitions

2017 My Shot, Portraits from Hamilton The Diane Rosenstein Gallery, Los Angeles
PhotoVille Brooklyn, NY
United Photo Industries Brooklyn, NY

2016 Portraits from Hamilton The Public Theater
Dialogue with the Artist Gerald Peters Gallery

2015 The Spectrum of Sexuality The Jewish Museum of Florida (Miami)
The Spectrum of Sexuality The Baltimore Museum
The Spectrum of Sexuality The Charter Oak Center (Hartford)

2014 Becoming Visible The Sherwin Miller Museum, Tulsa, OK
A Little More Alive Projections - content and design, Kansas City Repertory
Becoming Visible The Jewish Museum of Art in Philadelphia, PA
Becoming Visible The Charter Oak Cultural Center, Hartford CT
FSA and the New Social Realism Robert Miller Gallery, 524 W. 26th Street - 9/17- 10/27
Beauty in Portraiture Martin Art Gallery, Allentown, PA - 10/3 - 11/10
The Spectrum of Sexuality Hebrew Union College Museum, 4th & Mercer 9/6 -6/28
Mr. Joy Projections - content and design, Lincoln Center Theater
Becoming Visible (platinum & palladium) PHOTOVILLE, Brooklyn, NY
PROOF: Media for Social Justice Splashlight Studios, NYC
Nude Night Tampa, FL
Splash with a Twist Gallery Bar, NYC
2011 Face to Face Gerald Peters Gallery, Santa Fe NM
Provocation Powerhouse Arena, Brooklyn, NY
Changing World / En Foco John Jay College
Artists of the Hamptons Gerald Peters Gallery, New York
2010 Becoming Visible Robert Miller Gallery, NYC
Sherry Lehman Brothers K


Portraits from Hamilton

“HAMILTON” is a cast of revolutionaries. Night after night, this band of young rebels raises their voices to the darkness in an inspiring uprising of song and spirit. They are at once our history and our future, inciting rebellion and leading the way to change. Like the
revolutionaries who embraced Alexander Hamilton’s vision for a new America, the remarkable actors in these photographs embraced Lin-Manuel Miranda’s vision for a new American musical.