Balesh Jindal

Balesh Jindal

Location: India

Balesh is a doctor by profession, yet she
has been painting for the past twenty five years.
Balesh has had many group and Solo shows in
Delhi and many cities of India and abroad. Her
paintings adorn the walls of numerous prominent art collectors within the country and abroad.
Her home was featured on the cover of a leading design magazine Ideal Homes and Gardens in October 2013.
Amongst her most reviewed shows are a three city show in South Africa in 2012
In Durban
Pretoria and

A successful solo show at the Visual Art Gallery which received tremendous response by the press and art critics.

A solo show at the Nehru Centre, London sponsored by ICCR received good reviews by the UK media.

Balesh generally
refrains from titling her paintings because she
finds that a word, or phrase, can never truly
articulate the emotion; she does, however, accompany her paintings with a verse. Balesh has honed her skills with the palette knife. Her
works have a very rich texture and luminosity as
her work combines the art of painting and
sculpture on paper as the paints roll on the canvas directly from the tubes. It has an expressionist look. Her works have a
romance in them that is difficult to describe yet
can be felt as one views her works and gets
transported to the imaginary world of story
telling and emotions that cannot be described in words. The essence of her art has to be felt in silence. The obvious question is why a doctor
would feel the need to paint. ‘Why not ‘says
Balesh .It is most natural for a doctor to feel the
need to express her self esp. when one is inundated
with so much suffering, so much misery and so much
observation of the human race. Watching the
best of people fall to the lowest depths and the
worst of them rise to saintly levels of goodness.
The mind is numbed by questions and doubts
and then all one can do is turn to art. If turns into a form of meditation for her.
Why figurative? I have been asked over and over
again. People, and the way they live and behave fascinate her. She keenly observes each fleeting emotion on the faces she sees and holds it in her mind. She smiles and quotes Sartre
'Everything has been figured out,
Except how to live!’



Krishna is a way of life through joy ,love thought ,giving and taking . One cannot aspire to become godlike with no vices but one can aspire to be like Krishna who lived life fully . One cannot say He had no grey shades . It is one's own perspective . I am trying to project Krishna in a very contemporary dimension and do not want to give Him any religious nuance . He embodies all the elements one needs to live this life fully . A bit of a prankster ,playfulness ,joy of all good things in life etc. I feel that one need'nt be apologetic of good fortune and success, if it has been attained through hard work and fair means.
In this work Krishna personifies all that is beautiful in life and the peacock feather signifies that there is beauty and joy all around us in every moment ."

Radha “Radha ”

Radha is the consort of KRISHNA and represents the Yin . Radha represents the moderating factor , the beauty, the humaness,
the sanity , the vulnerability and a sense of completeness.

Where is my spring “Where is my spring ”

Acrylic. On canvas
55/59 I.