Farnoosh Lanjani

Born in Iran in 1957, Farnoosh Lanjani and his family moved to India in 1971. He began his formal art education there in 1980 and completed his training after moving to America in 1984.? Lanjani has developed a unique style and original voice in his painting and sculpture that has been influenced by diverse cultural traditions. He views art as a practice that is both a personal act of worship, and a contribution that can ennoble and enrich society. This he says is based on his life experience and his religious beliefs:? "Painting is a kind of prayer for me, it brings peace and has the potential to unify people by tapping into the human virtues necessary to make and appreciate art."? To this end, Lanjani's current series broadly focuses on contemplation and reflection, emphasizing both their specific and universal qualities.? "Through my art, I hope to be part of the positive processes that humanity is engaged in. It is a small role I can play to encourage creative thinking and the discovery of common ground between people."


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