Martin Johan Härd

Martin Johan Härd

Location: Sweden

A Swedish painter, born 1958 in Lund. Works with oil, acrylic, gouache and drawing. He try to explore things that stand out somewhat different in the interplay between humans and their environment. His painting is colorful and often very contentious. Each image tells a detailed own story and has its own "mix" of his thoughts and reflections.
“I have been taking all kinds of evening classes in drawing and painting during my childhood. Later on I study art in a privat art-school in Liège, Belgium. After the art-school I practise and worked 4 years with different artist in Belgium, Holland and France. I have exhibited in Sweden, Denmark, France, Germany, West Indies and the U.S.A. For example, I have exhibited at the Seattle Museum of Northern Heritage in the USA and at the Landskrona museum in Sweden.”
Represented at the Nordic Heritage Museum of Seattle.


Mother Earth

100x90cm acrylic on canvas

Mother Earth “Mother Earth”

100x90cm acrylic on canvas

Here and now “Here and now”

96x90cm acrylic on canvas

It´s raining again “It´s raining again”

59x48cm oil on canvas

Kramen “Kramen”

61x50cm acrylic on canvas

Free as a butterfly “Free as a butterfly”

30x25cm acrylic on canvas