Joseph Barani

In the broadest sense, I have always been an artist. Art is a process.
For me, this process takes line, color, form and texture and makes
them into something else. My paintings are like wishes. While
painting, the pigments of paint will move with their own graces.
Unfolding into the next wish, like wishes coming true.
I am the observer participating with that which is being observed.
My whole being becomes the receiver. Painting the message. I
learn to listen. ¬ere is a deep communication that goes into the
art. A kind of metaphor between the past or future and the present
moment. Each piece of artwork is meant to encourage the viewer
to look a little longer. Maybe hoping to evoke a memory that may
inspire. I use water-based mediums because water is easily available
and the paints can be transported simply to deferent
locations. ¬is allows me the freedom to wander and discover new
arrangements. I use deferent surfaces such as papers and boards.
Some rich with texture and others hard and unnoticeable. While
painting, I explore the color as a balance between light and dark.
Unknowns working toward understanding. Sharing their sense of
line or texture. Revealing a soul though my hands.
It is the landscape that I look to as a subject. ¬is may be by giving
only its’ impression without loosing the construction of nature
itself. I use passages through my work to guide the viewer through
forms and colors. Landscape painting is my way of preserving a
place. It is my way of believing it will be there tomorrow. It is my
way of questioning our presence. I hope that my paintings might
symbolize an answer to the viewer.

Joseph Barani
Sheridan, WY 82801


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