Beaulieu Kim

Beaulieu  Kim

Location: Canada

Realism painter with a little influence of pop art ;
Born in 1972, Baie-Comeau , Canada from a seamstress mother, fashion and textile will inspire her first sketches. Self-taught, Kim Beaulieu got her first contract at the courthouse as a portrait painter. Her encounter with influent artists will reveal to her a real passion for painting. She will then decide to head off and discover the world. She will travel in 16 different countries where she will paint and sell her art. Back in Quebec, with a new vision of the world, she feels the need to express movement, softness and sensuality within men and women. To her art she will incorporate the sweet sea breeze of the shore or on the opposite side; the first snow fall on the North Shore’s St-Lawrence River.

She starts her art work with a first draft using watercolor which enables her to demonstrate flowing gestures and establishes the shadows and light. She then finishes off by applying multiple layers of oil paint which allows her to show off the softness of her subjects.

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