Cheryl Ehlers

Born in California and raised in Europe, I found that the expressions and language used overseas, is all about emotion. To me, ”art without emotion is not art” and my creative process is reflective of personal images and impressions felt by the emotion I feel at the very moment in time. I am not prone to using reference materials, and like to allow my mind to take my art where it goes during the process.

Painting in several mediums, and styles, I use watercolor, acrylics and mixed mediums and have a tendency to resist the same style of painting. Versatility is exciting for me and color and boldness is my form of expressionism. Thus the phrase, “art without emotion is not art”. It has to touch someone for me to feel I have successfully created a piece.

Experimentation, creativity and imagination make my work very original and unique and I pride myself in the quality of my work and the finished products. A majority of my art is authenticated with registration numbers in the worldwide Fine Art Registry, and copyrighted with numerous pieces published and licensed.

I also teach underserved children through my organization, The Stardust Arts, which develops creativity and imagination and exploration of art. Reaching out to over 11,651 students in the past four years, it is a way for me to give back to the community, the gift of confidence I was once given as a young lady, by a very special teacher, who always said, :”if you simple try, anything is possible”.

My “Angels “program is recognized by the California State Assembly and the San Diego County Board of Supervisors

You can view my website at, email me at or call at 760-519-1551.


Cheryl Ehlers Fine Art

My goal with my art is to evoke from the viewer, emotion, reaction and a connection through the use of bold color.

Acrylic, watercolor and mixed mediums in many styles.

E24 “E24”

30X40 Mixed Media on canvas

Evolution “Evolution”

20X20 Mixed Media on canvas

Harmony “Harmony”

24X30 on canvas

The Banana “The Banana”

24X30 Acrylic

Tipped Scales “Tipped Scales”

24X30 Acrylic on canvas

Walking on Sunshine “Walking on Sunshine”

24X30 Acrylic on canvas