Carole Mcalpine

Born and raised in England, Carole always had a love of everything in the art world. As a child she liked to do pencil drawings, and like her mother, dabbled in acrylics. It wasn't until, as an adult in later life, that she took up drawing again, although before that, while living in Australia, she had a business in glass work, both stained glass and fused glass. Her life had taken many turns and in 2013 she remarried her first husband after a 25 year separation, moved back to the USA and found herself with pencils in hand again. Living in Rhode Island at the time she began doing portraits in graphite, following the 5-pencil method teaching of an online artist, Darrel Tank. After moving back to California where she had lived with her husband after leaving England, the retired couple settled in Chula Vista, where they enjoy sailing their 31 foot trimaran. Carole started using colored pencils and began drawing animals and flowers as well as portraits and also some landscape work. The beautiful colors of nature are always an inspiration to her. She had found her niche! Carole has put her artwork onto quality notecards and has them for sale as well as her original artwork. She can be reached at