Jacky Chewkor


Location: Malaysia

JACKY CHEWKOR is malaysia impressionism,post impressionism and mysterious painter ,he learn his painting skill from master kim feng yet previously he had acquired both diploma in computer design and business administration.Two seem opposition knowledge help him to exploit and stimulate both the creative right and the analytical left brain
"good artist possess sense and sensibility
good art make viewer think and touch" --he said.
IMPRESSIONISM is a style, movement or more accurately a term come from art critict
louis leroy who described the painting of claude monet -[impression, sunrise]
Impressionism depict a scene of contemporary urban life, scene of outdoor,sunlight and sheer life.
It use short ,rough and bold brush stroke,it give a overall sense of sketch and unfinished.
It pushed the boundaries of artistic freedom and change the way we define art or more precisely-
the aesthetic of art.
POST IMPRESSIONISM derived from impressionism yet their artist extended and broke the limitation
and way of expression from impressionism.They wanted art to be more substantial not dedicated wholly
to capturing a passing moment.They aim to make art an emotional experience through the use of
symbolism,geometric and somewhat juxtaposition form.
"Monet chase the moment
"Cezanne seek the geometric
"Renoir pursue the joyful
Chewkor hound the message"
MYSTERIOUS painting are the painting which tell a story of suspense,macabre,fantasy and
supernatural.It is not a painting you can judge by one glance,it is painting where you need to
ponder the mysteries of unknown world and the gloomy side of humanity.
Anyone can show you vangogh or picasso,yet only at this special and unique painting,
It help you to dig the deepest hole in your soul.



Good artist maybe steal,Great artist must be strim

Great movie director never fettered by style,so do great artist.

An entrepreneur must know how to control emotion
An artist must know how to control passion

If you buy an art piece just purely that you love it,then in the world of art, you are unbeatable.

This world is not lack of capital,This world is lack of masterpiece.

The most important art is the art of living,

The world of football and the world of art have something in common,sometime it is very beautiful,sometime it is very cruel.

The magnetic field of an art piece derived from the belief of an artist

If math put on the wing of imagination,it can fly

As an artist i like perfection,but i never pursue it,i prefer to pursue------ beyond imagination

All my painting will be 333,All my sculpture will be 333

Give me seven year, i return you a worldwide masterpiece
Many scientist get their idea from fictional world like novel or movie,i normally get my idea from real life,because most of the time truth is stranger than fiction

Picasso said he want to paint like a child,do you understand what he mean ? if you do,give me the next sentence

Colour,it is the colour!!! No---mr van gogh---passion, it is the passion!!!

Without the sunshine creating the sunshine,without the moonlight creating the moonlight,this is the spirit of artist









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