Svetlana Nelson

I'm 62 years old and never drew or painted anything in my life before April 2017, but always loved abstract art.
I came to the Lowe Mill, Huntsville AL at the end of March 2017 and started learning abstract art at Chuck Mathews studio. In a couple weeks after that I had my first oil painting on canvas. In 7 months I had a solo graduated Exhibition at the Lowe Mill .
Now I'm working on my own.
I love Abstract Art, all bright colors make the Earth brighter.
My paintings are from my soul and mind. I have so many ideas for future work.
May 2017 - became a member of HAL.
June 2017 - became a member of Huntsville Museum of Art.
February 2018- Represented by AGORA GALLERY.
October 31-November 4th 2018 Superfine!DC Art Fair.
My artworks will be publish in the Art is Spectrum, Contemporary Art Magazine in November 2018


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