Anne Jeffery

Growing up in California, under the spell of such luminaries of photography as Ansel Adams, Imogen Cunningham and Edward Weston, I gravitated towards technically precise photographic endeavors. I studied photography at Brooks Institute of Photography. Following my work at Brooks, I began a career with the Federal Government documenting wildfires for the Bureau of Land Management. During my Federal career I worked as a photographer, a public relations specialist and National Deputy Director for BLM’s Office of Fire and Aviation. After years of working in the conventional
photography arena, my work has evolved into creating fine art photomontages.



These are multi layered digital images created from multiple original photographs. Each image has 60 to 80 individual layers.

Winsome “Winsome”

Enter a mystical world in this mult-layered image.

Blooming “Blooming”

A hummingbird anchors this multi-layered montage.