Jean Messner

Professional artist living in the Bronx. I paint in oil and acrylics. Nature is my guide in expressing landscapes and abstract rhythms.


Who I am

Recent paintings created at Lehman College.

The Dance “The Dance”

A diptych (2) 40” (H) x 20” (W) acrylic on stretch canvas

Heartbreaking “Heartbreaking ”

24” x 24” stretch canvas acrylic

The Red Bathing Cap “The Red Bathing Cap”

Acrylic on 24” (H) x18(W) stretch canvas

In the Woods “In the Woods ”

24”x24” stretch canvas acrylic

Lake at Van Cartland Park Bronx “Lake at Van Cartland Park Bronx ”

24”x18” wood panel acrylic

Lake Van Cartland Up Close “Lake Van Cartland Up Close”

Acrylic on 11”x14” stretch canvas