Natalia Rose

Natalia Rose

Location: Denmark

Russian born and Denmark based artist Natalia Rose challenges the conventional separation between the realm of memory, and the real of experience. Exploring dimensionality through layers of color, her compositions radiate power and command attention as her paintings navigate themes of identity, exoticism and culture and the idea of the stranger.
“My paintings do not depict things which I actually observe, but rather what I recall from the past, and more accurately, what I wish to see." Drawing from historical and cultural imagery, Ms. Rose weaves a map of identity that intermingle Eastern and Western ideals of beauty, as well as mythologies.
Ms. Rose's primary interest is in pictorial phenomena: the illusion of a three-dimensional space, composition, and the optical effects of color. Believing that color stimulates a conversation between tone and texture, between motion and shape, Ms. Rose's rainbow-hued palette dances on the canvas as she transcribes life's events through hue, shape and motion. Passionate color and vibrant texture are parlayed into chimeric, non-figurative compositions which metamorphose into a visual dialogue of dazzling color and line.
Brilliant and emotive, Ms. Rose translates onto canvas with a syncopated beat the magnificence of our world.


Natalia Rose Artist

Selected works 2015-2019

Between Black and White, 2017 “Between Black and White, 2017”

The world is multifacetted. Truth is a process. Without nuances of colour and light, human life and the lens through which we experience it, lacks richness and depth. It will stay black and white. The extraction of meaning is exclusively based on invidual interpretation, on our experience, our anxieties, and our hopes.

Calais, 2015 “Calais, 2015”

Calais” is a depiction of human tragedy. I convey my perception of the European refugee crisis to show how dreams of freedom and the yet-to-be-experienced concept of human flourishing collide with reality. In a wider perspective, it speaks to chaos on multiple levels.

Out of the Comfort Zone, 2018 “Out of the Comfort Zone, 2018”

Looking in. Nature is depicted as seen through open windows that signal accessibility to the outside world, inspiration stemming from the Renaissance.
The combination of geometrical and expressionistic abstraction demonstrates a contrast between the classical view of the world and new challenges, along with nature in a state of chaos. The message is, however, one of hope: One has to greet the unknown with openness and curiosity as opposed to fear, anxiety, and avoidance. There are also beams of light in chaos.

Bora Bora, 2018 “Bora Bora, 2018”

Acrylic on linen
It is all about Freedom, Good Life, Vacation and Wonderful Colors

Gordian Knot, 2019 “Gordian Knot, 2019”

Grafical gestural painting depicting artistic dilemma - if you have so many choices- when the work is finished?
Classic Abstract work