David A Hardy

David A. Hardy is the longest-established living space artist in the West. He illustrated his first space book in 1954 (for Patrick Moore), and produced his first SF covers in 1970. He has continued to work happily in both worlds, and is European Vice President of the International Association of Astronomical Artists (IAAA) and Vice President of the Association of Science Fiction & Fantasy Artists (ASFA); he is also a past Chairman of the Birmingham Science Fiction Group (UK). He has provided images for 'The Sky at Night' from 1957 to the present day, and now works digitally on a Mac, as well as still painting ‘traditionally’ for commissions, exhibitions, etc.
Apart from his book and cover work, David has produced art for TV (including 'Blake's Seven'), video, computer games, and movies such as 'The Neverending Story'. He has written and illustrated eight of his own non-fiction books, plus a novel, 'Aurora: A Child of Two Worlds', which was published by Cosmos in 2003,
David was nominated for the Artist Hugo in 1979, was awarded 'Best Cover' by Analog readers in 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2007, and his recent book with Sir Patrick Moore, 'Futures: 50 Years in Space' (AAPPL, 2004/paperback 2006 as '50 Years in Space') received the Sir Arthur Clarke award in 2005 and was also nominated for a Hugo in that year.
A highly-illustrated book about Hardy’s life and work, 'Hardyware: The Art of David A. Hardy', was published by Paper Tiger in 2001. He has produced a DVD, 'Space Musik', which is available from his website: http://www.astroart.org, which also contains many examples of his work, much of it for sale as prints, plus originals, merchandise such as clocks and hand-painted ties, many links to other sites, video tutorials on space art, and much more. In 2003 an asteroid was named after him!

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David A. Hardy's AstroArt

These are just a few of the images that David Hardy has produced in the last 60 years! For many more images, plus a full biography, video tutorials, prints, originals, commissions, links to other sites of interest, and video tutorials for both acrylics and Photoshop, please see his website: http://www.astroart.org

3000 miles from the Moon (1955) “3000 miles from the Moon (1955)”

This is one the first paintings made by Hardy for his intended book with Patrick Moore, 'Challenge of the Stars'. It shows the Moonlander designed by R.A.Smith, who illustrated the early books of Arthur C. Clarke. The Hardy/Moore book was not finally published until 1972!

Volcanoes of Venus (gouache, 1990) “Volcanoes of Venus (gouache, 1990)”

When it was discovered in the 1970s that Venus has huge volcanoes, Hardy produced this gouache painting.

Moon to Mars (acrylics; see astroart.org) “Moon to Mars (acrylics; see astroart.org)”

Over a metre high, this acrylic painting symbolises Man's expansion away from Earth; first to the Moon, then to Mars and beyond. . . (The original is for sale at www.astroart.org, and prints of most Hardy images are also available there.)

Mars Lander with Module (digital) “Mars Lander with Module (digital)”

A 2005 digital image, on a Mac, showing a vehicle touching down on Mars, with the first module of a future base in the background.

Terraforming Mars (gouache, 1992) “Terraforming Mars (gouache, 1992)”

Far in the future it may be possible to 'terraform' Mars, releasing its locked-up atmosphere and water and making it Earthlike. (Gouache, 1992, from 'Atlas of the Solar System' by David A. Hardy. Also used as the cover for Arthur C. Clarke's 'The Snows of Olympus' (1994).

Eruption on Io (digital, from 'Futures', 2004) “Eruption on Io (digital, from 'Futures', 2004)”

Jupiter's Moon Io is highly volcanic. This digital image from 'Futures: 50 Years in Space' by David A. Hardy & Sir Patrick Moore (AAPPL, 2004) shows a volcano erupting, with Jupiter in the sky

Antares 2 (acrylics; private commission) “Antares 2 (acrylics; private commission)”

Stars come in all sizes and colours. This is the red supergiant Antares, which has a small blue companion, seen from an Earthlike planet (acrylics).

Proxima Planet (acrylics, 1989) “Proxima Planet (acrylics, 1989)”

The Sun's nearest neighbour is a Red Dwarf called Proxima Centauri, part of the Alpha Centauri system. This painting was a best-selling print for Novagraphics (now Novaspace) in 1989. It also appears in 'Visions of Space: Artists Journey through the Cosmos', compiled, edited and designed by David A. Hardy, 1989.

Ice Moon (May 2012) “Ice Moon (May 2012)”

This was a private commission, 1 metre (3' 3") across, in acrylics on stretched canvas. It created a lot of interest on my Facebook page, where people said a story should be written around it!

Portals to Infinity “Portals to Infinity”

Like 'Ice Moon' this was a private commission, also over 3ft across and in acrylics on stretched canvas. Prints or giclées are available from my website, www.astroart.org. In 2011 I was Artist Guest of Honour at 'Illustrious', the UK Eastercon, and a contest was organised to write a story about it.