Jaehee Yoo

I'm a Korean female artist who paints with collage based on fabric and Korean paper. i was born in Seoul and completed a master's degree in Korean traditional painting and art history. i'm very interested in Korean women's culture, south Korean landscape and interpreting Korean traditional dyeing and sewing work in a modern way. They work with natural themes such as forests, trees, flowers, and wind.


Donghae -East Sea

My abstracted painting allude to the South Korean landscape. Selecting colours, textures and details from surrounding sceneries as well as from personal memories, i present an enhanced experience of nature as a place for today's digitalised world. The work depicts a connotative significance in the face of the endlessness of space and time.

Donhae- East Sea “Donhae- East Sea”

The current work, called donghae, is 30X30cm series. This work implies the sea and the island of Korea.Oil paint on a dyed cloth.

 Forest Odaesan 1 “ Forest Odaesan 1”

My abstracted painting allude to the south korean landscape. My scenery, it does not mean outside. What's important is the process of re-picking out pieces of my memory and the scenery felt and filtered through "I."
The Work comes from my personal memory. "Forest" depicts Odaesan Mountain in Korea. "Blue" It suggests that the forest is near dawn.

Forest Injae “Forest Injae”

It is reminiscent of autumn's Inje birch forest. Inje is located in the eastern mountains of Korea. It forms a huge birch forest. Walking through the birch forest provides peace of mind. I hope you can feel freedom and healing. It's even better if you add quiet music to meditation.