Jaehee Yoo

Based on Seoul ,I'm a Korean woman artist who paints with collage based on fabric and Korean paper. My work is about the nature and scenery of South Korea. I make works out of materials such as natural plant dyes and traditional paper and dyed cloth derived from Ancien Korea.
i study Korean traditional painting and art history. i'm very interested in Korean women's culture, and interpreting Korean traditional dyeing and sewing work in a modern way. They work with natural themes such as forests, trees, flowers, and wind.


Story of Korean woman painter

My abstracted painting allude to the South Korean landscape. Selecting colours, textures and details from surrounding sceneries as well as from personal memories, i present an enhanced experience of nature as a place for today's digitalised world. The work depicts a limited significance in the face of the endlessness of space and time.

Birch trees “Birch trees ”

Using plant dyes, traditional paper and natural scenery, Jaehee Yoo's practice draws upon materials and techniques from ancient South Korea. The painting are indicative of tradition and identity, revealing personal memories and emotions surrounding solitary landscapes...