Sergey Klychkov

Artist Sergey George Klychkov was born on the 16th of August 1968 in Moscow, Russia in a Professor’s family. Being a grandson of repressed and murdered back in 1937 Russian poet of Silver Age Sergey Antonovich Klychkov, Sergey was named after his grandfather.
Painting experiments began during his secondary school time when he joined a junior art studio of Alexander Schwartz in Moscow in mid 1980s. Sergey did not continue his art studies after school because his family insisted on a linguistic education and in 1985 he was admitted in Moscow Linguistic University where he studied till 1992 and graduated as an interpreter.
For the next few years Sergey travelled all over Russia and the World first as an interpreter and later as business developer for numerous international trading companies in the oil industry.
Sergey Klychkov returned to art only in the mid of 2000 when he was already an established and a family man. His portfolio by now consists of over 120 oil-on-canvas pieces. This included serias of portraits, modern view of the Bible subjects, illustrations, some fantasies. The full portfolio is available at in English and in Russian or at his Instagram klychkovsergey. Staring 2015 he had participated in numerous art exhibitions in Moscow including those in the Central House of Artists in 2015-2016 in Moscow, Artifact gallery in 2017, LEGA Gallery in 2018, NY Art Expo in 2018. Since early 2018 the artist has been represented by Agora Gallery in NY, Chelsea where he participated in an exhibition in April. In 2018 Sergey Klychkov published his full catalogue of art pieces and poetry for the period of 1993-2017 as well as his debut mystic novel “NECHIST” (the dark force) in Russian, fully illustrated with his own art works.
On the 16th of August 2018 Sergey Klychkov had presented his Jubilee exhibition in Moscow Gallery of Modern photography.



Oil on canvas 100x120cm, painted in June 2018.

Moscow at night “Moscow at night”

Oil on canvas, painted in 2018 as an illustration for a future novel.


OIl on canvas 60x80cm, painted in December 2018.

The winner “The winner”

An abstract version by the author of the traditional iconic image called Archangel killing the serpent.


Oil on canvas 70x90cm painted in January 2018.

Grief “Grief”

An old clown deep in his thoughts...


Oil on canvas 60x80cm painted in October 2015.

Piaf “Piaf”

Portrait of Edith Piaf.


Oil on canvas 60x80cm, painted in October 2018.

Hard day's Night “Hard day's Night”

The day was hard indeed...


Oil on canvas 50x80cm painted in December 2012.

Pieta “Pieta”

Artist version of the classical subject from the BIble.