I have been an artist all my life, always continuing to learn and explore my life through art. It is what I enjoy the most. Lately after getting an iPad2 I began to explore the art possibilities through its use with all the art apps that are available. I have a few now that I use a lot to draw and to paint, it is very exciting to use this new tool that allows one to draw and paint in a way not done before. I take it out in the field to do draw, to do studies and sketches, I use it to draw the human figure, and just to experiment to see what happens. I get immediate results and with the apps I can export and import my images around to get various results. It is like having a super sketchbook. I am very happy with the results. All the art you see here is done on the iPad except the first image "M&M" which is a pencil rendering. Although I have been using the iPad a lot in the past year I will never stop using traditional media which is the real thing to me. I do paintings in oils, acrylics and watercolors. I also love using pastels. Mostly the iPad has allowed me to explore quickly the things that I see and any ideas that may occur.

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