Jim Otis

"To experiment and explore..that is the true joy in the creative process. I don't believe a painting formula that works commercially again and again is true Art. . My style is personal, Places I have been...people I have known..experiences my eyes have seen..and how I translate it though Creativity"

"When I work I use color to drawn the viewer into my world. Everyone perceives a painting differently,as their own eyes view it, and draw their own unique feelings and conclusions, just like every other person on the planet. My paintings entice the senses to explore beyond what their eyes tell them.

Born in Wisconsin, Jim has produced art his entire life. Truly, since early childhood, and will paint tomorrow. Jim first attended Layton School of Art in Milwaukee, and was initially enrolled in advertising Illustration, but quickly was swept into the free flowing river of painting fine art. . After several years at Layton, Jim was accepted into Minneapolis School of Art.

There he had a guest instructor in 1966 named Christo Javacheff, Later known as Christo, the renown Installation artist. Marin counties' Running Fence" in 1982, and Central Parks "Gates" in 2005 are examples of his work. For the semester project at Minneapolis, Christo had art students cram in a huge weather balloon and his biography describes it as:

42,390 Cubicfeet Package 1966 at the Walker Art Center and the Minneapolis School of Art. Length:18 meters (60 feet) Polyethylene: 720 square meters (8,000 square feet). Manila rope: 914 meters (3,000 feet) Duration: Three day He taught a "open" class called constructions and Installation art for the Semester project.

Very few of the art students really understood what this art icon was attempting. This is art, we would ask?We all thought he was even crazier than we were. He taught us too push the limits beyond what is known in the world of Art. The rest is Art history.

"My work is not merely to decorate a wall;
Rather to absorb the viewer in visual
Phenomenon, and view with a gaze of
Vernal openness, to look with new eyes."



2012-2014 Recents

Pencil me in “Pencil me in”

Thoughts and images with a return flight from a New York show.

Ring a ding at Bell Rock, Sedona “Ring a ding at Bell Rock, Sedona”

The sunset colors of the Great American Southwest. The magic of Sedona Arizona,at Bell Rock Vortex

under the Kiawi trees, Makena Beach “under the Kiawi trees, Makena Beach”

azsure blue waters through the cool ,dark shade of the kaiwi trees at Makena Beach, Maui. a couple plays in the distance 48x24 O/C

Heads Up! “Heads Up!”

Thoughts and contemplations from lounging under a coconut palm in Hawaii

Deployment of the Cherry Tomato Probe “Deployment of the Cherry Tomato Probe”

My favorite genre of imagery....complete photorealistic fantasy and craziness..don't ask me why. but eat your veggies.

Still life with Kiowa War club,and a twist of Lemon" 34x34 O/C “Still life with Kiowa War club,and a twist of Lemon" 34x34 O/C”

I love the the color, the tight edge, and the symbolism of the chinese eggplant and Lemons.

Farwell, Incandescent “Farwell, Incandescent”

27x27 oil on canvas first painting of suite showing a still life with alight bulb and three oranges

a seed of Hope “a seed of Hope”

30 x 22 oil on canvas

Really call waitng “Really call waitng”

34x15 x 2 oil on canvas with gold leaf

Like Apples and Oranges.. “Like Apples and Oranges..”

24x18 oil and gold leaf on panel

Indo  The Crater on sliding Sands Trail “Indo The Crater on sliding Sands Trail”

48x32x2 oil on canvas haleakala carter, Maui

Two Bee or not 2B “Two Bee or not 2B”

Some surrealistic fun with a bee, a pencil, and Point Sur Lighthouse in Big Sur, California