Sergey Popov

I am glad to welcome you in my gallery! Each of my works is made with love and good mood, which will always warm you and your loved ones. I work on painting and artistic bone carving. I have an art education. I started painting and doing art very early. After school I worked as an artist. I made souvenirs of wood and bone, painted pictures. Then I am a spoke at the exhibitions of artists in the far north of Russia in Yakutia and Moscow in the Central House of Artists on 10 Krymsky Val. Sold a lot of souvenirs and works of art. Today I am a famous master artist.


My painting

Painting: Oil, Canvas
Size: 80x120x3 cm

Dream of flying “Dream of flying”

Flying in the sky plane amazes adults and children. Many have a dream to be a pilot since childhood. They love the aircraft, love the shape, the helmet, the oxygen mask. Adults are amazed by the huge power of iron birds, their speed, maneuverability, huge size and heavy – very heavy weight. And all this can fly.

All these dreams have nothing to do with war. Man has always sought to be strong. Conquer the sky, space, world. Manage complex, huge mechanisms, devices and equipment. These dreams have taken him. Made him more successful, stronger. This is his weakness (he can't other).

For all fans of the impossible, incredible, often arrange air shows. Look at the skill of pilots and graceful machines, come a lot of people. They admire their speed, noise and strength. They are happy as children.

I like big, heavy, supersonic planes, too. The idea that a plane larger than 20 meters and weighing about 20 tons (the size of a large country house), so easily and naturally flies, can overcome the speed of sound, amazes and delights to the points on the skin. You want to imagine myself as a pilot and control a heavy aircraft.

All these emotions are expressed in my picture. Beautiful supersonic aircraft perform flight. They have no weapons, they do not fly to war. They Express the beauty of a child's dream. Admiration from childhood. You can imagine yourself next to, and every time to experience pleasure, remembering childhood.

The tail number of the aircraft 28.
According to numerology, the number 28 means quick wealth. The number 8 means infinity, wealth and prosperity. The number 2 speeds up, increases-wealth and prosperity.

Aircraft do not have labels, symbols, flags and emblems of any state. They're not government. They from dreams. Planes fly like in a dream. Fly from one dream to another. Carry a dream from childhood.

This big picture cannot be appreciated on the screen.

In real life, it's really amazing.

My painting

As sung in the famous song, better than mountains can be only mountains. In the mountains, a person feels very well. So he is constantly beckoning to the mountains. Very beautiful mountain rivers. The sunlight passing through the leaves is amazing.

Oil paints make it possible to convey the atmosphere and mood of a bright day. We can observe the grace of nature and its beauty. A large number of details of the painting Express the efforts of the artist and his respect for the viewer.

For each person, his home is the place where he feels best, a place where you can relax and not try to seem like someone, to be yourself. And that's why your home is better than anyone can tell you.
The individuality of a person is clearly manifested in the design of the interior of his house. The chosen style of the house can tell a lot about the personality of its owner.
Paintings decorating the interior of the room or house, say a lot about the owner and his family. Made in a harmonious style of painting, talking about the harmonious life of his family, their character and wealth.

Many vivid impressions we get in childhood and they warm our soul throughout our lives. These impressions often serve as inspiration for both artists and connoisseurs of painting. Much that the artist can say can be reflected in the soul of each person.

The picture of a Bright day in the mountains is written in a single copy and has no copies. Many of my author's works are individual and unique.

The picture is completely ready and decorated for hanging on the wall, does not require a frame. The edges of the painting are painted white. The canvas is stretched tightly.

The authorship of the picture is confirmed by the relevant certificate and the conclusion of the authorized expert (Deputy Director Of the art Museum).