Joshua E. M. Massop

I grew up in Queens, NY, and was into Hip Hop and Graffiti born in 82 I was catching it fresh I love the music but I gravitated more towards the Artwork and Fashion side of it, I had to clean up my act up so I went to the Navy and was stationed in Japan onboard the USS Kitty Hawk (CV-63).

It was an amazing experience Japan and The Military yet after working electrical contracts I turned to my passion in 2010 which was Art/Fashion, Creative Design, below you should find my contact details and a link to my webpage I built the website from a squarespace template.

Hope all is well,



The Mint Collection

The Mint Collection is a series of works painted by myself using acrylic paints on canvas with a Mint background coat, four pieces in total they represent the current state of social class and behavior in America. (Jupiter, 20x16; Angel, 20x16; Atom, 20x16; ChairBear, 24x18)

Jupiter “Jupiter”

Ever expanding the King Planet takes center in this piece notice the Blue Mask that everyone seems to wear, as humbleness remains a secret to success there are some that would rather stay rigid and not bend, Understanding oneself is understanding each other accepting these faults removes the restraints we put on ourselves freeing each other.

Angel “Angel”

Angel speaks volumes as this piece from The Mint Collection enlists Yoshi's signature Angel amidst some flames, it serves to remind people and evaluate wether the The Reward is greater then The Risk and if that Reward is Real.

Atom “Atom”

Atom, made from a Proton, an Electron, an Upquark and a Downquark are vital to the creation of Matter anything that has weight and takes up space, ThiƟ piece has the four described above.. The Red, The Blue, The Animals, and Our Earth, in remembrance of The Twin Towers.

ChairBear “ChairBear”

ChairBear, the biggest canvas of the four (24x18), is an image of a distraught Teddy Bear tackled by pressures that he is unsure of how to face, surrounded by different psychologies and politics most are torn of everything they love to survive. ChairBear, Red, Blue Acrylic Politic Paint.