Judi Moreo

Acrylic wildlife artist



As long as I have been able to read, I have been fascinated by wildlife, especially African animals. When I had the opportunity to live and work in Africa, I spent countless hours in the bush observing and photographing animals. I am enamored by the animals. As I paint them, their personalities emerge. I feel as though I experience their souls. I paint them as realistically as I possibly can as I want the viewer of my paintings to see what I have seen. I hope you love them as much as I do.

Kruger Elephant “Kruger Elephant”

This elephant walked straight at me in the Kruger Park in South Africa. I photographed him but when I painted him, I changed the background.

Kruger Leopard “Kruger Leopard”

While driving through the Kruger Park, I came around a sharp turn in the road and this leopard was drinking out of a mud puddle. He was very leary of me, but I was able to take about six pictures before he walked away. I decided to paint this one as I loved the look in his eyes. Didn't trust me at all, did he??

Peeping Toms  (Vervit Monkeys) “Peeping Toms (Vervit Monkeys)”

When I was staying at Misty Hills in Johannesburg, South Africa, these monkeys would play in the tree outside my room and because I had an outdoor shower, they would often sit in the tree and watch me bathe. I photographed them and then came home and painted them.

Damn Bear “Damn Bear”

This was my first ever acrylic painting. The picture got its name "Damn Bear" because it took me forever to paint it and people would ask "Are you still painting that damn bear?" I love him because his personality just shines through and it was a challenge to paint the iceburgs.

Contemplation (Panda Bear) “Contemplation (Panda Bear)”

This panda was a visiting panda from China and I was fortunate enough to get a photograph of him, then come home and paint him. Or her? I don't know how to tell the difference.