Maira L. Rivera-pinto

Maira is a novel books writer and painter, resident in the United States. Her origin country is El Salvador. As far as she can remember she always drew cartoons and cute figures. After graduating as Major Bachelor in Business Administration at José Matías Delgado University in her origin country she worked for many years in private companies. In one of those companies in an event, she cartooned all the employees.
She got her self-trained in photography and by 1996 decides to establish her own photo studio; that was her first serious contact with the arts.
In 2004, she learned Adobe Photoshop, and took her photographic studio to a higher level incorporating digital printing, and she engaged as a digital designer.
In 2008, she moves to Miami, Florida and studied painting at Art Atelier Academy for three years.
In 2013, she moved to Tampa, Fl. where she becomes a member of the Coalition of Hispanic Artists and soon after she is incorporated to the Board of Directors.
As she progresses in her art, she was able to participate in local exhibitions and contests where she has received recognition and awards.
The inspiration of the artist begins in her garden. She is passionate of flowers, and trees. In her studio she likes to work with oils and uses knife techniques in her paintings of trees to highlight them. She also plays with geometrical figures and perspectives that have meaning in her paintings as pollution and shattered. All her paintings have an ecological concept and modern cubism flair.
Currently she works as a volunteer art teacher at Barksdale Senior Center in Tampa.



In these series of cities in perspective with fewer trees, the artist was inspired by a poem from the book written by Agatha Christie named "And then, there were none". In that story ten persons were killed one by one. Whatever was built, a tree had been cut one by one and a building or a house took its place. In that metaphorical way, the artist took the chance to paint these series of 11 paintings.

Nine Little Tree “Nine Little Tree”

Nine little soldier trees,
Grown up in may
One felt when rain flooded
And then there were eight.

Eight Little Trees “Eight Little Trees”

Eight little soldier trees,
Have touched the heaven
Somebody knocked one down
And then there were seven.

Seven Little trees “Seven Little trees”

Seven little soldier trees,
Were standing like obelisks
Somebody didn’t like this
And then there were six.

Ten Little Trees “Ten Little Trees”

Ten little soldier trees,
Have grown pretty high
Somebody cut one,
And then there were nine.

Six little Trees “Six little Trees”

Six little soldier trees
Stood up still
Another building was hire
And then there were five.

Five Little Trees “Five Little Trees”

Five little soldier trees
Live a little more
But the city grew a lot
And then there were four.