Johanne Docet

johanne docet

Location: Canada

The paintings of this Canadian artist
are an ode to the horse, to this
animal that brings us strength and
energy, who understands human
Johanne Doucet sublimates these
paradoxes between fragility and
power of the animal, between its
softness and vitality.
The horses are her muses, inspiring works full of empathy
with him, movement and Rhythm. Johanne Doucet often
paints them from memory, free and pure in the brilliance of
their beauty.
Her spontaneous, sensitive, touching painting creates
parallels with our deepest and most sincere feelings.
Johanne Doucet has us communicating with the animal,
with her free gesture, the sensations passing before the colors.
This love of transmission, the artist cultivates it in
all aspects of its existence, having indeed created
her own art school almost 20 years ago.


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