Shunsuke Kawasaki

Shunsuke Kawasaki

Location: Unknown

Born in 1979

Art technical college graduation in 2001

2006- Win a prize at the “AMUSE ARTJAM 2006”
and display at the Kyoto culture museum

2008- Exhibition in NY Coo Gallery New York
(individual show)
Make representation agreement with
Agora Gallery (NY )

2009- Exhibition in Agora Gallery (NY)
Florence Biennale 2009 (Italy) Invitation

2010- The work is published in the book International Contemporary Masters
Participates International Contemporary Masters Exhibition at the Southern Nevada Museum (Las Vegas)
Exhibition in Gallery Gora (Montreal)

2011- Exhibition in Broadway Gallery NYC

The present
Produce operations at home as an atelier in China.


memory of temporary

Made of ABS, a type of plastic that is easy to work with, durable and
totally non-biodegradable, My sculptures, the robot-shaped creatures
that resemble nothing that nature would offer, symbolize the destruction
of the environment and creation of its?artificial replacement.
In a sense, these sculptures are extension of the own deep desire to
create, destroy and recreate things.
Paintings, on the other hand, represent the idea of “ultimate destruction.
” Each of intricately and smoothly drawn lines and curves represents a life.
These lines combine to create images that look like?cells of living
organisms.?They emit a positive energy that makes you appreciate life.
Even the idea?of?inevitable death that follows life seems to become
easier to accept “Our life is basically a repetition of?act of creation
and?destruction. Every new creation requires destruction of something old,
and every?destruction leads to a new creation,”