Joe Baltich

Artist from northeastern Minnesota. I do commissioned work for private clients and public spaces. Realism to abstract. Contact me to discuss possibilities that would work for you.


Joe Baltich Fine Art

I strive to produce art that reaches a broader viewing public. Sometimes I hit the target.

So Tired of Winter “So Tired of Winter”

Acrylic on Canvas 16 x 20

This was painted in response to having 18" ice on the lake that I live on at April 26, 2018. I was trying to conjure warmer temps through art.

Cookie & Delilah's Big Adventure “Cookie & Delilah's Big Adventure”

Acrylic on Canvas
72" x 48"

Painted for the Chisholm Public Library in Chisholm, MN along with 5 other large canvases. This piece immortalizes my dogs in a whimsical fantasy land and was created for a public library. The painting has many features intended to draw people in for a second look for the details requiring returning to the public library to do so. It was a really enjoyable piece to do.

Lost in the Boundary Waters “Lost in the Boundary Waters”

Acrylic on Canvas
48" x 24"

This painting emulates my wilderness backyard and upbringing in northeastern Minnesota. I guided fishing trips for over 20 years and have resided in the same region for a my lifetime. My home is an artist's paradise.

Time to Walk “Time to Walk”

8" x 10"

This scene is part of my Red Canoe Series which captures the essence of the Minnesota northwoods and way of life.

Green Doritos “Green Doritos”

Acrylic on Canvas
48" x 24"

A foray into the abstract, commissioned for a hair salon. It plays with colors along a purple them to blend in with the tone of the salon.